Childrens Programs

Rigpé Yeshé is an association of parents and educators, we support families in the Dharma education of their children, giving them the tools they need to work with their hearts and minds in their everyday lives.   Rigpé Yéshé was founded in Lerab Ling in 2005. The name was given by Sogyal Rinpoche; it means the Wisdom of Rigpa.


The heart of Rigpé Yéshé’s vision is to offer children and teenagers an authentic spiritual path so that they can grow into wise, compassionate and happy young people who have confidence in their true nature, the courage to face the challenges of the modern world and who can be truly of benefit to others.

Rigpé Yeshé in Australia

Rinpoche has said that we are now seeing a ‘second generation’ of students who are not discovering Buddhism as an alternative, but who are growing up with the teachings from birth.

Rigpé Yeshé in Australia began in 2005. We loved what we were learning in Rigpa and wanted to pass the teachings on to our children. We were inspired by the fact that children seem to see everything in a fresh way and have a real heart connection with the truth of the teachings.

We hold Dharma programs for children, teenagers and families at Rigpa Centres in Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne throughout the year.

Rigpé Yeshé in Australia – website

Rigpé Yeshé at Retreat

At the 2006 Myall Lakes Retreat we had our first comprehensive children’s program and it changed the atmosphere of the retreat. We ran dharma, creative and active sessions and the children loved having their own space for meditation and teachings.

Since then the retreat program has become increasingly popular and in 2010 we welcomed around 110 children into the retreat, providing dharma sessions in five different age groups and an adventure care program for children (aged four and over) to be cared for while Rinpoche teaches the adults.

Rigpé Yeshé provides an environment where children can have the special experience of being on their own retreat.

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