Meditation FAQs

People usually have several questions when they first start to meditate with us at Rigpa.

Below we have included some of the more common questions, to help you get started.  Feel free to ask if you have a question that is not covered here.

It’s a Tibetan meditation centre, do you speak English?

We do. In fact we’re mostly Australians here. It’s just that the form of Buddhism that we study and practice comes from Tibet.

Do I have to sit on the floor when I meditate?

You can sit on the floor if you wish – and there are plenty of cushions that we’ll provide – but if you prefer, there are always chairs put out and plenty of folks use them instead.

The crucial point about the body when you meditate is to have a straight back. Not rigid, but to sit straight is important.

It is better to use a cushion or a chair?

Chairs are always available. Sometimes people alternate between chair and cushion.

Its important to be comfortable and not be distracted by pain, so its best to listen to your body.

What do I do with my shoes when I get there?

Shoes should be taken off near the front door. There’s a set of shelves to put them so you can easily find them and they stay tidy. It’s a traditional thing.

I have kids, what can they do while I meditate?

Sadly we don’t have the volunteers to always have a creche for kids or similar. To many of our events however, kids are very welcome. We will try and make that clear when it is so.

Can I learn to meditate at home?

Absolutely.  Although its best and most inspiring to study with others, you can also meditate from home.

The coursework, exercises and videos are freely available online at, and we have a DVD if you’re not comfortable with doing courses online.

Is meditation healthy?

Yes. There is lots of scientific research showing the benefits of meditation.